Historical Record of Omnicor

This is a historical record of Omnicor from Archive.org:

Omnicor is a supplier of high quality vacuum interrupters, vacuum capacitors and Ethernet test and measurement systems. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Our product partners are leading US, Japanese and European manufacturers. Omnicor technical competence is focused on the following products and technologies: Ethernet Test Systems for IP performance measuremets – IP packet generators / analyzers (Hardware) for gigabit switch, router, Ethernet device and and network testing. Chassis, portable and stand alone configurations available.

Network Testing Solutions – IP packet generators and impairment emulators / simulators (Software) for end-to-end network testing, evaluation and certification of fixed, mobile,wireless and satellite networks. Vacuum Interrupters for medium and high voltage switching systems such as vacuum circuit breakers, reclosers, disconnectors, ring main units and switchgear. Vacuum Capacitors for RF matching networks in plasma deposition machinery, SW and MW radio transmitters, MRI sytems and industrial heating machinery.