Historical Record of Rocky Mountain Morita

This is a Historical Record of Rocky Mountain Morita from Archive.org:

J. Morita Corporation started to distribute RMO products in the Japanese market. Company Profile: Sam Bulkley from RMO and Michio Yamashita visited Japanese universities to promote RMO products. The demonstration of RMO spot welders was enthusiastically received.

has been involved in the Japanese orthodontic market since the early 1960’s. In 1963 the J. Morita Corporation, the leading dental equipment manufacturer in Japan, started distributing RMO products to the orthodontic market. In 1970 Sam Bulkley from RMO and Michio Yamashita visited dental schools at Japanese universities throughout the country. They did product demonstrations which were enthusiastically received. Of particular interest at that time was the RMO Spotwelder – an innovative product which helped improve clinical efficiency tremendously.

Martin Brusse and Fukuo Morita established a Joint Venture company, Rocky Mountain Morita Corporation in Tokyo. RMMC started organizing Advanced Orthodontic Courses with Dr. Robert Ricketts in Tokyo.

Released Orthomite Superbond for Direct Bonding into the Japanese market (first use of methyl methacrylate in Orthodontics).

Released “Energy Chain ”, also called F.M. Ringlets, into the Japanese market.

In the mid 1970s RMMC organized Advanced Orthodontic Courses with Dr. Robert Rickets.

This created a lot of interest in the Bioprogressive Technique. Dr. Carl Gugino also started giving courses organized by RMMC. Continuing Education became an important component of RMMC’s success.

Over the years, RMMC has introduced many new products into the Japanese market. These include Orthomite – Superbond, Energy Chain (F.M. Ringlets), Synergy Brackets (a low friction, light force fixed appliance system) and the Grace Bracket and Tube System (developed by Dr. Hiroshi Nezu and Dr. Kenji Nagata).

RMO is proud of what RMMC has accomplished, and looks forward to many more years of working together.

RMO /RMMC Booth at recent JOS conventions

Released an aesthetic bracket made from zirconia, Hi-Brace for the first time in the market. Released Synergy Brackets, which combined low friction and low forces to improve treatment efficiencies.

1996 Introduced the Grace Bracket and Tube System (developed by Dr. Hiroshi Nezu and Dr. Kenji Nagata). Haruo Morita was named President of the J. Morita Corporation. As part of his vision to position the joint venture as a leading company for many years to come, he appointed Yuh Yamazaki as President of RMMC.

Martin & B.A. Brusse visited the J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation in 1970 for the JOS (Japanese Orthodontic Society) Convention. RMMC team introducing the Synergy System in Japan with Dr. David Saurez 2005

1977 In 1973 Martin Brusse, President of RMO , and Fukuo Morita, President of the J. Morita Corporation, formed their joint venture company called RMMC – Rocky Mountain Morita Corporation. After 37 years in business, this company continues as one of the leaders in providing orthodontic products and services to the Japanese market. Since the founding of the joint venture company, RMO and RMMC continue to work together and to share ideas. Each year representatives from both companies jointly attend the AAO (American Association of Orthodontics) and JOS (Japanese Orthodontic Society) Conventions.

1970 RMMC Morita rocky mountain H i s t o r y Together they have implemented strategic changes to improve customer service, sales and administration. They work closely with Tony Zakhem, CEO of RMO, and Jody Hardy, President of RMO, during yearly meetings to make sure that their shared visions are integrated into the management of the business. Yuh Yamazaki Mr. Haruo Morita The World’s First Synergistic, Bioprogressive®, Breathinga Enhancement Orthodontic Company. TM